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Hold on to the moment for ever.

Magnificent places, extraordinary experiences, unforgettable encounters.
It is a privilege to be able to travel the world and live a life filled with remarkable moments. As we relish the memory of these moments and yearn to hold on to them forever, we search for precious mementos which capture what we have experienced.

Jeton 200 Vichy

Authentic, precious, exquisite.

Eight Limited crafts exclusive keepsakes, which are individual and unique, as they can be worn as well as cherished. They are works of art, distinguished by the use of authentic souvenirs and precious materials, as well as exquisite artisanal workmanship—made in Germany.
As we aspire to create sustainable and timeless designs of unrivalled quality, all of our hand-made jewellery is strictly limited to eight pieces per unique configuration.


Playful, yet luxurious.

We envision our precious mementos to be worn by passionate travellers and relentless thrill-seekers who know to live life to the fullest. Our pieces transform ordinary souvenirs into extraordinary wearable collector’s items. They will not only bring joy to their discerning owners, but are also sure to be admired by all others.

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